Through the 3rd Eye's Emerging Authors

Ben Talen

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Ben Talen, a freshmen at North Pointe Christian, plays football for the junior varsity team.

Breanne LeJeune

Breanne LeJeune

Works by Breanne LeJeune


Breanne LeJeune is a native of Traverse City, Michigan. She received her B.A. from Grand Valley State University, and is currently an M.F.A. candidate at the University of Alabama.

Brendan Butler

Brendan Butler

Works by Brendan Butler


Brendan's interests include Drag Racing, Basketball and collecting of all sorts.

Brian Domanski

Works by Brian Domanski

Brian Domanski is 14, and is in the 8th grade at Immanuel-St. James
Lutheran School. He takes an advanced math class covering Algebra
1 and 2, but his favorite subject is history.

Brian Swanson

Works by Brian Swanson

Brian Swanson, a sophomore at Northview High School, is a former First-Place winner in the Junior Division of the Kent County Poetry Contest.

Britany Smestad

Britany Smestad

Works by Britany Smestad

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Britany Smestad loves sports and hanging out with friends!

C. Quinn Witkowski

Works by C. Quinn Witkowski

C. Quinn Witkowski attends Grand Rapids Community College.

Carley VanSwol

Works by Carley VanSwol

Stop LightPoem

Carley VanSwol, a sixth grader at Immanuel-St. James Lutheran School, likes to play basketball in her free time.

Caroline Rosema

Works by Caroline Rosema


Caroline is 9 years old and a third grader at Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Grand Rapids. She has 3 little brothers and loves playing with her cats, Gigi and Winkers.

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