Through the 3rd Eye's Emerging Authors

Emily Peiffer

Emily Pieffer

Works by Emily Peiffer

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Emily Peiffer received her Bachelor of Arts from Aquinas College in the spring of 2009. She majored in English and double minored in communications and writing.

Eric Dawson

Works by Eric Dawson

Eric Dawson is a History major at Hope College. He'd rather be somewhere warmer. He drinks lots of coffee. He gives Jesus two thumbs up.

Eric VanSwol

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Eric Van Swol, who attends Northpointe Christian, recently completed his first season of junior varsity football. He will soon by playing on the freshman basketball team.

Erin Lodes

Erin Lodes

Works by Erin Lodes

Erin Lodes is a junior working towards and English Major and Writing Minor at Aquinas College. She is loving the journey towards becoming a better writer.

Eskira Kahsay

Eskira Kahsay

Works by Eskira Kahsay

Eskira Kahsay has had her work published in Celebrations: Michigan, an anthology of poetry published by Creative Communication.

Grace F.

Works by Grace F.

Grace F. is a high school senior and enjoys running, writing, and volunteering in the community.

Grant Vanderson

Works by Grant Vanderson

Grant Vanderson, a sixth grader at Immanuel-St. James Lutheran School, loves to shoot hoops in his front yard and jump on his trampoline.

Gretchen Collison

Works by Gretchen Collison

Gretchen Collison, a seventh grader at Immanuel-St. James Lutheran School, thoroughly enjoys writing. She also likes to read books.

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