Through the 3rd Eye's Emerging Authors

Jordan (Jori) Soleil Younts

Works by Jordan (Jori) Soleil Younts

Jori loves reading, swimming, being active, playing with friends, listening to music, and loves God. She is a fifth-grade student at Immanuel St. James, and her favorite subject is math.

Joseph Dykstra

Works by Joseph Dykstra

Joseph Dykstra is 11-years old and in the fifth grade at Immanuel-St. James Lutheran School. He is very much interested in basketball, football, and soccer.

Josh Ellis

Josh Ellis

Works by Josh Ellis

Josh Ellis attends City High/Middle school and is in 8th grade. His main interests are acting, cooking, and oceanography.

Joshua Rozelle

Works by Joshua Rozelle

Joshua Rozelle is a sixth grader at Immanuel-St. James Lutheran School. He plays baseball, basketball, golf, and goes fishing with his dad every once in awhile.

Josiah Van Dam

Works by Josiah Van Dam


Josiah Van Dam is a senior at Grand Rapids Christian High. He loves hanging with friends and in the fall plans to attend Palomar College in California.

Justin Majetich

Justin Majetich graduated from Calvin College with a B.A. in English literature. His work has been published in the college's Dialogue and online with Wisdumb Tooth*.


Works by Kaitlynn


Kaitlynn is an eighth grader who attends Northview.

Kara Talen

Kara Talen

Works by Kara Talen

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Kara Talen, a recent graduate of Grand Rapids Christian School, is a member of the editorial board of Through the 3rd Eye.

Karen Hooyenga

Works by Karen Hooyenga

Karen Hooyenga's poetry has been published in the Pasadena Times, in the anthology You Can Recover!, and in Display magazine.

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