Through the 3rd Eye's Emerging Authors

Kate Gubert

Katie Gubert

Works by Kate Gubert


Kate Gubert is a sophomore in college majoring in biology. Some of her interests are writing (of course), horses, road trips and cooking.

Kati Stutsman

Kati Stutsman

Works by Kati Stutsman

Kati Stutsman, who attends Aquinas, writes: “Observing Duty” is one piece in a collection of poems based on artwork by Sudanese artists or pieces that have grown out of Darfur.

Katia Wiles

Works by Katia Wiles

Katia Wiles is going into 9th grade at a new school, Northview. In addition, she loves to draw.

Katie Malinowski

Works by Katie Malinowski

Katie is a junior at Cornerstone University studying international business. She enjoys race walking and writing.

Kayla Docter

Works by Kayla Docter

Kayla Docter, a fifth grader at Immanuel-St. James Lutheran School,
enjoys jumping on the trampoline and writing poetry.

Kaylee Mihlethaler

Works by Kaylee Mihlethaler

Kaylee Mihlethaler, a 6th grader, attends North Rockford Middle School.
She enjoys swimming, basketball, science, and math.

Kendyll Reed

Kendyll Reed

Works by Kendyll Reed

Fire BirdPoem

Kendyll Reed is an 11-year-old sixth grader at Immanuel-St. James Lutheran School. She enjoys art and is very active in sports and likes to jump around the house.

Kenneth Logan

Works by Kenneth Logan

Ken Logan is a Senior at Aquinas College who is nearing completion on a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in English with a minor in Writing.

Kimberly Jongsma

Kimberly Jongsma

Works by Kimberly Jongsma

Kimberly Jongsma is a recent Hope graduate hoping to go to graduate school for regional planning. She has a BA in Creative Writing with a minor in Environmental Studies.

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