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Jack Ridl on the Riddle of WritingHeather Bulliss03/29/14
The Pursuit of Happiness: A Review of David Allan Evans’ the Carnival, the LifeNathaniel Schmidt01/06/14
Inside the Winning Poems of the KDL 2O13 Word Wise Poetry CompetitionDaisy Hall11/30/13
Jessica Swanson: Translating Between the Poetry of Textbooks and the Poetry of LifePatricia Schlutt08/29/13
Dan Gerber: Transcendence in SimplicitySarah Branz02/06/13
Naomi Shihab Nye: Cultural Details, Common GroundLauren Carlson12/23/12
Field's Edge: An Introduction to the Poetry of Angela WilliamsHeather Bulliss10/02/12
Always Dancing: Four Michigan Poets and Their CraftKyle Austin09/16/12
Rian Bosse and the Academy of Poets Contest: Poetry as the Language We All SpeakPatricia Schlutt08/21/12
The Poetry of Li-Young Lee: Fusion of the Immediate and the EternalPatricia Schlutt04/18/12
Inciting IntuitionZ.G. Tomaszewski12/03/10
Inside Her Story: The Poetry of Terry BlackhawkRachel McGuinness08/15/10
Evolution and William Heyen's Relationship with PoetryAndrew De Haan05/01/10
For the Love of Poetry: Marjorie Saiser Rachel Talen03/01/10
Alone in the Moment – The Style of Russell ThorburnKyle Austin12/19/09
Patricia Clark: Poet; ConservationistKara Madden11/08/09
Laid Bare: An Article on Grand Rapids' Own Robert VanderMolenAndrew De Haan10/07/09
Learning from Hope: A Profile of Phil HeyPatricia Schlutt08/09/09
With Encouragement and Heart: Naomi Shihab NyeRachel Talen06/04/09
Send That Arrow: the Poems of David CopeAndrew De Haan03/10/09
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