Latest Book Reviews

TitleAuthorDate Publishedsort icon
Language and Sound: A Review of Cry of Freedom, by Linda Nemec Foster and Laszlo SlomovitsKenneth Logan03/15/14
The Efficiency of Simplicity: The Poet Master in Philip Dacey's Mosquito OperasRian Bosse 10/22/13
A Voice Through the Years: Ian Haight Brings the Ancient Poetry of Hyesim to LifeKyle Austin07/31/13
Jack Ridl: Ordinary ObscuritiesLauren Carlson05/07/13
“It’s the Nature of the Beast”: A Review of What DreadZ.G. Tomaszewski12/07/11
Moving, Shaking, Coming out and Calling It By Name—The Poems of Greg Rappleye Andrew De Haan10/11/11
Revolution in Shades of Confusion: A Review of L.S. Klatt’s Cloud of Ink Z.G. Tomaszewski04/13/11
Light Through Windows: A Look Back at Phillip Sterling’s Mutual ShoresKyle Austin02/25/11
Swallowing the Hourglass: A Review of David Cope’s Masks of Six DecadesAndrew De Haan01/07/11
Linda Nemec Foster’s Talking Diamonds Expresses Both the Joy and Heartache of the Human ExperienceKara Madden10/31/10
A Poet Ages With Grace: A Review of David Allan Evans’ This Water. These Rocks.Kyle Austin09/27/10
The Poetics of Place: Robert Haight’s Emergences and Spinner Falls Kyle Austin05/31/10
A Review of Jack Ridl’s Losing SeasonKyle Austin02/28/10
Familiar Mystery: Familiar Mystery: Thoughts on Matthew Brennan’s The House with the Mansard RoofAndrew De Haan02/01/10
A Look at Holland Poet Jackie Bartley and Her Book Ordinary Time Rachel McGuinness07/05/09
Lisel Mueller: Poetry Helped Her; Then She Helped PoetryKara Madden05/02/09
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