Pole Vaulter

The approach to the bar         
is everything
The above lines set up the next lines nicely. Donald S., Age 13
unless I have counted my steps hit my markers feel up to it I refuse . to follow through I am committed to beginnings or to nothing
Yes, if you don’t commit to beginnings, you’ll get nothing. Drew D. Age 13
And doing everything well! Ben T., Age 13
“Planting” is very easy to see, yet is not a clichéd use. Matt R. Age 13
planting the pole at runway's end jolts me out of sprinting I take off kicking in and up my whole weight trying the frailty of fiberglass
He doesn't use punctuation in order to show one flowing movement. Donald S., Age 13
never forcing myself trusting it is right to be taken to the end of tension poised for the powerful thrust to fly me beyond expectation
Above is alliteration of "p" sound. Eric V., Age 13
The final stanza is very descriptive! Matt R., Age 13
near the peak I roll my thighs inward arch my back clearing as much of the bar as I can
well envisioned. Drew D., Age 13
(knowing the best jump can be canceled by a careless elbow) and open my hands.
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