There are Openings in Our Lives

In the orbit of autumn
I can feel one--the first leaf pile--
the stems of crunchy bodies
between my fingers, those miniature pages
of life and time, thousands of them
drawing me into the story.
Sometimes when the sunlight hits him,
he smiles and through his eyes
I find understanding.
Those moments when I can taste
perfection, the magnitude of each star,
the smooth stone of wonder
I pocket for safe keeping.
I see my friends in uproarious laughter wiping
tears, their contagious sounds
freeing everyone in the room.
Staring at the water, how my family's eyes flood
with sequence, the sky that sparkles
through them blessing us each
with a piece of each other's light.

"There Are Openings in Our Lives" was previously published in The Mad Hatter.

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