You Should Play the Violin

You Should Play the Violin
Shame on you,                         

Assonance: long a and short a sounds. Patty

my mother would say.
You have to practice         
your violin.
And back to the music stand         

It's easy to see someone marching, brandishing
we marched,                                  a violin.  Patty

drawing the bow                      

It seems she put her feelings about practicing 
to make the scale shill,             into the instrument, making her disgust come out.
a mosquito closing in                in a note. Brooke.

on the ear at night.          

I can hear the resemblance.  Jessica


I like how second stanza is aftermath of first.  Eskira

And so we became a family              

Simply said but it sounds right!  Patty

of violinists
sawing our way toward the bone.       

It sounds disgusting.  I get bad images.
When one of us struck home,             Horror film!  Jessica

the others picked up the tempo.
When the music said rest              
none of us did.
Soon notes flew off the clef                 

Alliteration of "w" sound.  Patty

like birds from wires
startled by a change of weather.              

Excellent simile.  Ruth


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