Night Before the Game

Coach has been up all night.
His game plan swirls in his head

Love how he shows coach’s mind with a simile about a crowd!  Eric V.

like a crowd pushing for seats.
He imagines Wilson learning

His style is to describe in detail. Matt R.

to go to his left; Thompson
crashing the boards;
Hendricks deciding to pass up
a shot to his Carlisle open
underneath. He grabs his clipboard,
diagrams another way to spring
Kochinski free. Outside,
it has started to snow.
He pours another cup of coffee,

The dream shows how desperate the coach is! He can only wonder if she has an answer to his desperate situation.  Ben T.

drops in two spoonfuls of sugar,
stirs. It's 4:00 in the morning.
He thinks of his wife, sleeping,
imagines somewhere in her dreams

This shows how much determination he has to win. Even when he’s thinking about his wife, he’s thinking about ways to win.  Ben T.

is a way out of last place,
a secret word
that makes every shot go in.

I like how he takes things from the coach’s point of view. Nobody else can see it that way but him.  Ben T.
Amazing how Jack gets inside his dad’s head! Eric.


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