Coach's Kid

"Seems like a job being a coach's kid." Brooke, age 12

Coach's kid practices every day,
after school, into the long tail
of twilight.  He dribbles twenty minutes

"very visual metaphor" Brooke, age 12
the "t" alliteration of "tail" and "twilight"
help add up to a great image. Patty, age 14

with his left hand, twenty with
his right; he shoots a hundred
layups, fifty on each side; he
taps the ball against the backboard
till his wrist and fingers
burn; he shoots fouls until
he's dropped twenty in a row

"such fine use of verbs throughout this middle section of the poem"
member of editorial staff

barely rustling the net.
He works the corners,
moves around the key: first
a head fake then the soft launch
of the one handed jump; then a quick
dribble left, back right, a swift
shimmy of his shoulders, then up
for the arc toward the hoop.
He feels good. The sweat
whispers, "Push it,"

"I love how the sweat becomes a character
(personification) pushing the kid even further,
though he's already tired enough." Brooke, age 12
"The personification of his calves show how each part
of his body works as hard as it can to push him forward." Patty, age 14

his calves throb the cheers
he's working toward, his breathing

"It's really cool how even his insides are cheering
because of all his hard work. I love the phrase! Brooke, age 12

is as calm as sleep. He steadies
his eye, fixes this wild dream
like a still photograph.

"st" alliteration of "steadies" and "still" Patty, age 14
"This simile comparing his dream to a still photograph
embodies the effort coach's kid has put into his years of practice."
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