Watching the Three Stooges, After Fifty, in the Hospital

Let the pie in the face become your Bible,

The first line is a perfect line to start off this poem. To look at the Three Stooges as being more of a religion is definitely brings an interesting twist to the poem. Leah Niemchick, age 20
This line only begins to describe the joy The Three Stooges bring. Rachel Talen, age 21

the finger-poke your lightning bolt.
The world according to Curly begins
with the belly, then a head charge,
a bone eaten for breakfast with eggshells.
Tools like saws and chisels are blunted
when struck against his head, as if nothing
could ever touch that screwball scalp
or slow down that mad bull run.
Praise the eye-poke or hair pull
of Moe, that sage with squinting eyes,
who showed you in his hand how much hair
he yanked from an ebullient Larry.

After this line the mood of the poem changes from the religion of the Three Stooges to a sobering, physical scene, in the hospital, where the person’s faith in Curly, Moe, and Larry sees them through. Andrew De Haan, age 22

Now the children of your children
sit before the tube or the wall screen
and learn the finger in the eye prophecy,
the head in the vise breaking teeth;

Above, it's like they are old truths needed to be learned. Amy Fleming, age 16
I like the way the speaker presents The Three Stooges almost as if they are a holy right of passage, to be passed onto children and grandchildren like a spiritual practice. Kara Madden, age 22

and you, in a hospital bed after silliness,
sewn up from the body's bad joke.
Later, when stillness settles like an x-ray,
your hear the most perfect line,
the child in you laughing at its insistent plea

The Three Stooges offer a sense of healing and reassurance. Rachel Talen, age 21

that you imagine Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard
paged on the public address, as they weave
through the hall on carts, ride the snorting trot
of horses to surgery, Moe's sour grape face
wanting to pummel that tenor to a gasp
and shell him with scatterbrained buckshot.

The show distracts from the reality of being in the hospital, “as they weave
through the hall on carts, ride the snorting trot of horses to surgery.” It's an awesome line!
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