Taking the Baby to the Prairie

For Rosalyn
The wren bubbles over.
The voice of the bob-white
is clear as a glass of water

A nice simile. –Amy Fleming, age 17.

Out of sight in last year’s grasses,
the pheasant drums his wings.
The baby squints and blinks, swings her head around to look

These images are very clear and easy to comprehend. –Hannah Fleming, age 15.

when the pheasant crows, when the swallow dips down

The imagery of this stanza is so strong, capturing the surprise and freshness of what it’s like to be new in the world. –Andrew De Haan, age 23.


Stems of switch grass make a low sound in the wind: Welcome home
I like her interpretation of this low sound. –Hannah Fleming, age 15.

I lift this child to grassland,
to kingbird, to cedar and sumac,
to long roots hidden like a deer in the draw.
Under the shells of these dry grasses
a green strength comes.

The ending of this poem is wonderfully striking, leaving the reader pondering on the youth this poem is speaking of, and how it grows from the driest of land. –Andrew De Haan, age 23.
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