That Summer

I walked on the pond, a sheet of ice.
Through the clear diamond,
I saw a face pressing upward, & then others.

The juxtaposition of summer in the title and the image of the pond as a “sheet of ice” is interesting here. From this opening stanza the poem seems to be grounded in the surreal and the miraculous, walking on the surface of the pond and looking through the “clear diamond” water seems to induce a revelatory experience for the speaker.
Kyle Austin, age 21

I’d always wondered where they were,
had almost heard them, all summer,
among dragonflies & lilies, or deeper,
But they wouldn’t, or couldn’t, show themselves
in their long fingernails & hair,
their cheeks & lips mooning upward…
I’d try to name them—Swimmers, Insistent Ones,
Wandervogel, Onan’s Children—
but they keep their own dimensions. That summer,

The author’s binding connection with water draws him back in all seasons, the mystery of these water inhabitants intrigues him and he tries to understand, to become them. Rachel McGuinness, age 19

I’d come to the pond where they were born,
guilty, beautiful, lonely for body,
their soulful voices, my first songs.

I love the mysticism of this poem, and its fairy tale like imagery.
It reminds me of a child's day dream. Kara Madden, age 23
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