Deer at the Door

What drew them up the hill, away
from sheltering pines, overgrown sumac, everything
in leaf now that summer's nearly here?

This line is new! Love it! It's so much better than "Everything's in bloom." -Samantha M.

Was it light inside this little house,
our soft conversation, our attention

I can imagine this. The content silence of an evening meal. -Natasha J.

to the roast, the salad, before us?
What is it they saw, standing by the window,
their gentle heads raised, then browsing

good verb! I always see "grazing, standing staring. This verb feel that the deer have purpose in the grass. -Samantha M.

again in the grass: Was it our shadows
bent over our plates, our acceptance
of what we have, what we are,
as the slow weight of day began to leave?

I can picture weights increasing on the sun and pulling it toward dusk. -Natasha J.

--I remember the beginning of a moment:
the sparrow's throat opening, the dog
crossing the room, my hand on the door,
the smiles on our faces, the song on its last notes,
everything in harmony for a few beats of the heart.
Then the door opened

A climactic event! Rachel T.

and their heads lifted, the air turned still.

Leads to a good natural pause; it's not forced. -Natasha J.

I heard the rustle of grass, saw their white tails flash
as they darted awkwardly down the hill,
and dusk came on like the closing of an eye.

A beautiful image that I can see and feel. -Natasha J.
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