Bus Depot Reunion

just over the edge
of my Life a young sailor

“Life” has a double meaning here. -Matt R., Age 13

bounds from a Greyhound's
hiss into his mother's hug,
steps back, trades hands

New way to describe a handshake! -Donald S., Age 13

with his father, then turns
to an old hunched man
maybe his grandfather—
no hand, no word goes out,

Remarkable how they scout out the opponent in silence! -Eric V., Age 13

they regard each other,

I can relate to this awkward silence. -Eskira K., Age 13
Seems like they're so far apart, like they never knew or loved each other before, but they really did inside. -Brooke H. , Age 12

waiting for something, and
now their hands cup,

They already know what they're going to do! -Ben T., Age 13

they begin to crouch
and spar, the old man
coming on like a pro,
snuffing, weaving,

Shows they've probably done this before. -Donald S., Age 13

circling, flicks
out a hook like a lizard's tongue,

I like this simile! -Brooke H., Age 11

the boy ducking, countering,
moving with his moves,

Again, more very vivid descriptive verbs! -Eskira, Age 13

biffing at the bobbing

Alliteration of “b” sound! -Brooke H., Age 11

yellow grin, the clever

Air punching! Exciting! -Eric V., Age 13

head, never landing a real
punch, never taking one
until suddenly, exactly
together they quit,

It's funny how they know when they're both ready to be done. -Ben T., Age 13
Amazing how everything they do is in sync and Evans captures that!

throw an arm around each other
and walk away laughing.

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