Soda Machine

The big cardboard-like box
full of cans
full of bubble-aided water.
When you open a can,
it sizzles like an egg.
Then you stand there looking at the can
that splurs and splashes
in an imaginary life.
When you run out of pop,
you try and squish it like
a compressor.
When it's squished, it looks like
a crumpled wheel.
Then you go for another can
to fizz up your nose.
When you push
the buttons for your beverage,
your hands grow strong,
so you can push the last number.
When the pop clunks out,
it sounds like a boulder.
The sound clunks around
the box. I drink it,
and when I walk home,
my stomach gurgles
and rumbles.
then I burp a very
loud burp. It rumbles
my mouth.
When I finish it,
it tastes like lemons.

Through the 3rd Eye was supported in its inception by the Grand Rapids Humanities Council and is currently made possible by continued volunteer effort and private support. Copyright 2013.