They live alone

The constrasting phrases (above) differentiate from the common ideas of marriage or relationships. Tiffany, Age 16.

she with her wide hind
and bird face,
he with his hung belly
and crewcut.

How the people, man and woman, are described are very relatable to the average couple. Tiffany, Age 16.
The lines (below) seem short and forced, as if their talking is short and forced. Patricia, Age 14.

They never talk
but keep busy.

They hide their unhappiness with work, an excuse not to talk. Manna, Age 14.
Also, they are a portal into their sad lives. Manna, Age 14.
What happens (below) seems rhythmic and systematic, routine for the neighbors. Patricia, Age 14.

Today they are
washing windows
(each window together)
she on the inside,
he on the outside.

The lines (above) show the couple's separateness. Patricia, Age 14.

He squirts Windex
at her face,
she squirts Windex
at his face.

I like Evans’ use of a window separating them. Eskira Kahsay, Age 14.
The lines are visual in so many ways and a window into their lives. Manna, Age 14.

Now they are waving
to each other
with rags,

not smiling.

All of the space for the last line gives emphasis. Matt R., Age 14.
The last line is small and straight-forward. Manna, Age 14.
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